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Friday, October 22, 2010

Designing Your Smile

The word “cosmetic” is used today in many contexts, but it is mostly associated with beauty and aesthetics. The term “cosmetic denture” is widely used in advertising by dental and denture providers. Denture wearers will easily see the difference in appearance with and without the denture in their mouth. Wearing a denture is in most cases a big cosmetic improvement, so, pretty much any denture can be called a “cosmetic denture”. Is it really so?...

There are many factors to take under consideration while making a cosmetically pleasing denture; many anatomical challenges can be overcome; many anatomical factors need to be considered to make the denture look natural. All our dentures are made by us in our own lab. The teeth for our dentures are custom selected for each patient accordingly to his/her anatomy and personal preferences. We incorporate the skills and the knowledge of making dentures that come together to over 40 years of experience. We are also working directly and together with the patient to assure that all personalized denture design details are taken under consideration, and that the final product functions and looks the best it can. In our clinic every denture is a cosmetic denture.