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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Denture Quality and Denture Price vs. Cost to the Patient

Most patients, when looking for a denture provider, ask only about the price of the denture. Is the denture price the best indicator of the quality?... Yes and no. We can find a set of 2 full dentures priced from around $500.00 to $10,000 and much more. With a “bargain” denture one may pretty much bet that the quality will match the price. I’ve also seen some poor quality and ill fitting dentures that left the patient with a bill of few thousand dollars. Somewhere in between is a high quality set of dentures for a fair price, and it does not have to cost $5000.00. Well,… how to find it?...

When searching for the denture provider, always ask if the denture will come with the WARRANTY. If the provider offers the warranty for at least 1 year, that covers adjustments, cracks and fallen out teeth (labor and materials), you may feel more assured that this provider stands behind his or her product and that you as a patient will receive the top quality denture.

If the provider does not offer the warranty you may expect additional costs of adjustments and repairs in the very near future. I have seen patients that chose the “bargain” dentures but spent $100’s on repairs that were needed (repeatedly) within weeks and months after they received their new dentures.

The most common reason for the crack in the denture plate to occur (other than denture being dropped on the hard surface) is an improper bite registration taken by the provider. The most common reason for the denture teeth falling out is an improper process of fabricating the denture in the lab and/or using cheap materials. The cost of the repairs in both cases, if done multiple times, can add up to the price of the new denture. The “bargain” dentures have a bargain price for a reason… Additionally, dentures made of cheap teeth and materials will not last nearly as long as the ones made of top quality teeth and materials, and the first signs are: the excessive wear on the teeth and the frequent need for repairs.

Denture price and denture cost to the patient are two different things. So… ALWAYS ASK ABOUT THE WARRANTY ON THE DENTURES; ask about the price for the exam and evaluation, ask if there is an additional charge for the visits during the process of making the denture. All those factors can add up and, all of the sudden, your bargain price will not look so good.

In our Denture Clinic ALL dentures come with the warranty which is included in the price of the denture. The warranty covers normal wear and tear like: adjustments, the crack in the denture plate or fallen out tooth. The only cost to the patient is the price of the denture.We use only the best quality teeth and materials and we stand behind our quality of work, that’s why we can guarantee our product. 

Let us be your denture provider!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Acrylic Partial Denture - Part II

I receive a lot of inquiries about the acrylic partial dentures. Statistically more and more people keep their own teeth longer but, inevitably they do lose some of them. Partial denture is one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions for restoration of the missing teeth.

At the time when cost effectiveness is on everyone’s mind, we offer our patients acrylic partials that are reinforced (if needed), and are processed the same way as permanent dentures. As always, we use premium teeth and materials and offer warranty* as on all our products.

Traditionally acrylic partial denture is considered a transitional denture or a temporary denture that a patient would wear before he or she would get a metal frame partial denture or a bridge. Acrylic partial dentures made in our clinic are not just for looks; they are durable, long lasting, functional, and cost a fraction of a metal frame partial.

Come see us if you think that acrylic partial denture could be a solution for you.

*Warranty (at no additional cost) on the acrylic partial denture covers normal wear and tear (crack in the plate or fallen out tooth) for 3 months - full cost of repair. NOTE: warranty on the full denture is 1 year for normal wear and tear.

For more info about Acrylic Partial click HERE.