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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Denture Maintenance and Oral Health

Maintaining the denture is closely connected with maintaining the oral health. Just because a denture wearer has no natural teeth does not mean that he/she does not need to take steps to maintain the oral health. The reasons for the denture maintenance are: cosmetic appearance, oral hygiene, oral health, denture function.

To maintain the cosmetic appearance of the denture and proper oral hygiene the dentures need to be cleaned daily. It is also recommended to rinse the dentures after every meal. The calculus or tartar will collect on the denture teeth the same way it does on the natural teeth. The denture cleaning should be done with the soft brush and mild soap (over the sink filled with water). Regular denture cleaning will also prevent the denture material from absorbing flavors from foods and cigarettes. Fore more details on How to Clean the Denture please click HERE.

To maintain the proper oral health it is important to maintain the oral hygiene and to take the denture out at night when we sleep. Overnight, the denture should be soaked in a cup filled with water. The denture supporting tissues need the time to rejuvenate and rest. The flow of saliva is restricted under the denture while wearing it, so the “rest” time is needed to restore the tissues under the denture. Some denture wearers, who wear their dentures at night, may develop bacterial or fungal infections of the tissues under the dentures. Our saliva has antibacterial properties and therefore is the best first line of defense against oral infections.

Taking the denture out at night also prolongs the proper fit of the denture and its function. Denture wearers who don’t take their dentures out at night will most likely need a denture reline sooner then the ones who do (few months vs. 2-5 yrs respectively). It is well worth to take the denture out at night to maintain the oral health and save $$$ on less frequent relines at the same time.

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