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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Immediate Denture

Immediate Denture is a removable dental prosthesis or a dental appliance, custom made for the patient who is planning to remove (extract) one, two or more teeth. Sometimes patient and his/her provider decide to extract all of the patient's teeth due to condition of the teeth or other health problems. Since an option of living without any teeth for 2 months or so is not the one preferred by most people (while waiting for the gums to heal), an immediate denture is a great alternative.

Immediate denture is made before the teeth are removed, and is inserted within 30 minutes after the extractions of the teeth. The denture works as a band-aid, controls the swelling and helps the healing of the gums.

The process of making an immediate denture includes longer after care than in case of the regular denture; after the extractions the gums are healing and shrinking, and there are many changes that happen with the tissues in the patient’s mouth. As the gums are shrinking, the denture becomes looser and requires first a temporary soft reline and later a permanent reline.