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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Denture Reline

A permanent denture reline is recommended when the denture does not fit properly. In most cases this is due to the gum and tissue changes in the patient’s mouth. The immediate denture usually needs to have a permanent reline done 2-4 months after the teeth extractions, when the gums are fully healed. In some cases, when the patient has other health conditions, it may take longer for the gums to heal and that fact would delay the permanent reline on the immediate denture.

A regular denture should be checked for fit by the provider about once a year. In most cases a permanent reline is recommended every 2-5 years, depending on the individual patient. The permanent denture reline will not change the look of the denture; it will change the fit of the denture and improve its function. The permanent denture reline is therefore recommended, when the condition of the teeth in the existing denture is good or better.

In some cases a soft permanent reline is done when the patient has extremely sensitive gums or tissues. Even though the soft reline is called “permanent” the reline material will usually last 1-2 years depending on wearer’s care and whether the wearer is a smoker or not. A soft permanent reline requires slightly different fabrication process and is usually a little more expensive than a hard permanent reline.