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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Denture Repair

Every once in a while a denture may need a repair. Sometimes it is the tooth that falls out; sometimes the denture falls on a hard surface and breaks the plate or chips the tooth; sometimes the family pet gets a hold of the denture, accidentally left on the night stand, and thinks it is a chew toy... (In some cases the damage done by pets can not be repaired and the new denture has to be made. This would be an expense that could be easily avoided by keeping the denture away from pets)

Another situation is when the patient is wearing a partial denture and one or more of the natural teeth have to be extracted. Usually the artificial tooth can be added to the existing partial denture. The process of adding an artificial tooth to the existing denture is easier in the acrylic partial dentures, but also possible in the metal frame partials.

In one case or another denture repairs are sometimes needed. Most can be done the same day, but in some complex cases they may take longer.